Serving Those Who Serve

Welcome to Hedge International Dayton, where we will soon provide missionaries from across the globe a temporary home for furlough, respite, holiday or vacation.

Hedge International Dayton - Rev Khris and Sheryl Pennel

Our Future Premier Facilities

Beautiful Accommodations

Our Hedge Homes offer a serene and comfortable environment, designed to make missionaries feel at home during their restful stay.

Comprehensive Amenities

From high-speed internet to serene meditation spaces, our amenities are tailored to meet the needs of our global missionary guests. Having a place to call home is exactly what they need… Hedge Homes are designed to be a refuge.

Dedicated Support Services

Hedge homes offer missionaries the freedom to take care of affairs before returning to the mission field. We provide a range of support services including transportation, translation, and cultural integration assistance to ensure a fruitful stay.

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Rev. Kenneth Harbaum

Pastor, Covenant of Peace International

Explore Our Future Home

A Glimpse into Missionary Life at Hedge International Dayton

Hedge International Dayton 3

Missionary Kids Crave

Fulfill a desire, make a wish come true, do something big!

Missionary Kids (MKs) need to know
they hold value, and they matter.

As a child may be dealing with cultural changes, as well as, adapting to leaving family, friends, and things behind. Let’s bring a smile, lots of giggles and fun to a kid longing for something they crave and make a wish come true.

By granting a wish and something they crave it empowers them to appreciate life as a missionary kid and lets them know we care, and we are grateful for their service.

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