Love & Pray BIG Today

Give of your time and talents.

Most importantly, give some real labor towards PRAYER.

Will you be the one who steps inside and daily strives to be the one?

Who pushes… for things to change… by praying?

Calling prayer warriors to battle down and help Hedge International Dayton push through to triumph.

In particular, we are prayerfully seeking a resort like place.

By providing, short stay suites and Hedge Homes for people needing a place of transition, on and off the mission field.

Hedge will soon exist to be a place for ministry minded folks traveling to and fro, needing a special place to stay.

At times, missionaries and ministers need a place to call home.

So, a retirement village is needed to comfort and pamper those who served.


As we journey to discover this beautiful resort like setting.

May we also be ready to deploy at a moments need.

As a result, to being equipped to be used and regarded as Christ sees fit.

Hedge International Dayton, exist for his most fashioned and spent warriors.

In addition, set to go and take charge of projects, as the right doors open, by sending products and teams covered in prayers.

Missionary Kids Crave is a special project…

Driven to send totes of love and lavish the kids with gifts.

Plus, increase their tenacity to keep reaching and striving to do big beautiful things, in the ministry God has placed them in.

Especially let them know they are truly loved.

Hence, being a storehouse hones in on the work God calls us to get involved with.

Will you be a part of something greater today?

Simply, place your check in the mail or donations on-line, all are accepted and appreciated.

Absolutely, nothing is too big or too small.

May the Lord richly bless you & keep you! May his face shine upon you!


Praying & Loving BIG,